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3D Virtual

The AVESTAR Center brings together state-of-the-art, real-time, high-fidelity dynamic simulators with operator training systems and 3D virtual immersive training systems (ITS) into an integrated energy plant and control room environment.

Its users can navigate avatars (field operators) through the virtual plant using the same gesture-sensitive handheld devices used as the primary means of interacting with most modern video games.  Plant equipment interactions include opening/closing valves, starting/stopping pumps, and reading pressure and temperature gauges.

3D Virtual Image 1
Field operator (avatar) in AVESTAR 3D virtual power plant

Its users can also experience equipment sound effects (e.g., pump engines) and malfunctions (e.g., gas/liquid leaks, fires), as well as augmented reality features such as transparent views (e.g., liquid levels in tanks, gasifier internals showing slag flow and gasification animations , distillation column internals showing liquid holdup and vapor flow), pop-up trends (e.g., gasifier temperature over time), and web pages providing additional training content (e.g., NETL’s  Gasifipedia).

Image of AVESTAR 3D virtual IGCC power plant
Transparent view of gasifier operation in AVESTAR 3D virtual IGCC power plant

Using the virtual reality technology, field operators can coordinate activities with control room operators.  The virtual environment is fully interactive in real time with the dynamic simulation models, so actions taken by a field operator have an impact on the process and actions performed in the control room change the information visible to the field operator.  As a result, field and control room operators can coordinate their activities and perform collaboratively as a team.  Additional uses include training for safety-critical tasks, rare abnormal situations, and emergency shutdowns.

Users interact with the AVESTAR 3D virtual IGCC immersive training system Image.
Users interact with the AVESTAR 3D virtual IGCC immersive training system

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